Festec Safety Shield

Festec Safety Spray Shield

Festec® Safety Spray Shields are the best protection against hazardous spray-outs. The stainless steel shields, have a special mesh netting inside the ring which absorbs any spray-out and distributes it around the flange circumference.

The risk of a sudden gasket rupture in a flange connection is a constant threat to people, equipment and environment. Therefore Festec® offers the special stainless steel Safety Spray Shields.

Festec® Safety Spray Shields guarantees safety regardless of which flange type and size the protection ring is mounted on. The Safety Spray Shields are available in all sizes for all presently known types of flange connections in DIN and ANSI. The shields can be successfully used on practically every flange configuration, round, oval or other forms and with different gap or no gap between the flanges. Available in widths of 50 mm. (2”) and 70 mm. (2 ¾”).

The corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel Safety Spray Shields excel in highly aggressive and demanding applications, including concentrated chemicals, steam, flammables, high temperatures (1093°C/2000°F) and high pressure services (206 bar/3000 psi). The Festec® Safety Spray Shield features a special stainless steel mesh netting that absorbs and dissipates hazardous sprays by distributing it around the flange circumference, reducing it to a mere visible drip.

The simple and effective designed Festec® Safety Spray Shield is lockable and adjustable via the quick latch fastener. Therefore no tools are required and installing it takes seconds. It allows complete visibility of bolt ends and nuts and has minimal space requirements. The shield can be used in every circumstance where people, equipment, and environment needs to be protected for possible spray-outs.




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  • Which tools are needed to install the FestecĀ® Safety Spray Shield?

    No tools needed, the shield has the quick latch fastener, installation time is only a few seconds.

  • Are there more widths available then 50 and 70 mm?

    Yes, it is possible to make shields with a larger width, for example 100 mm. with 2 quick latch fasteners.

  • Are the FestecĀ® Safety Spray Shields suitable for ship engine rooms?

    Yes they are. The stainless steel spray shields are intended for use around flange joints, flange bonnets and any other flanged connections in oil pressure systems which are located above the floor plates and which have no insulation in way of the joints. The purpose of spray shields is to prevent the impingement of leaked or sprayed flammable liquid onto a hot surface or other source of ignition.


FestecTools are high quality specialty products which are suited for multiple industries. The product program contains a diversity of flange tools and safety shields for flanges and valves which are sold all around the world since the company founding in 1985.

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