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Hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedges Maxi Kit incl. pump

A full set of 2 Hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedges with a hydraulic hand pump, hoses and accessories.

The FSW17M flange spreading wedge can enter a flange joint access gap as little as 6mm (0.24”) and produce a maximum force of 326kN (32.6T) when used in pairs (as recommended) to push the mating faces of flanges apart. The FSW17 can create a gap up to 81mm (3.19”) between flange faces with the stepped blocks fitted facilitating the replacement of gaskets, seal ring’s, or other flange face maintenance and testing.

It is strongly recommended that a minimum of 2 flange spreading wedges are used when spreading a flange joint. The flange spreading wedges should be positioned at opposite sides of the flange joint and actuated as necessary to maintain a parallel joint gap.


•    100% Load/Pressure tested and certified

•    High durability, High Quality, Low Maintenance design

•    Tool Weight: 7Kg (15.4lbs)

•    Max Spreading Force: 163kN (16.3T) (326kN (32.6T) when used in pairs)

•    Spreading Distance:  6mm (0.24”) to 81mm (3.19”) (when used with stepped blocks)

•    Robust Moulded Case for easy transportation and storage

Kit weight: Kit Content
31Kg (68.3lbs) 2 x FSW17 Tool
  2 x Safety Block
Kit dimensions: 2 x Safety Lanyard
920mm x 510mm x 210mm 4 x Stepped Blocks with securing screws and Allen Key
(36.2" x 20.1" x 8.3") 1 x PH300T Sealed Hydraulic Hand Pump with twin outlets and screw couplers
  2 x Hydraulic Pressure Gauges complete with gauge adaptors
Tool weight: 2 x 2m (6.5ft) hydraulic hoses complete with screw couplers
7Kg (15.4lbs) 1 x Instruction Manual
  1 x Robust Moulded Carry Case
Tools dimensions:  
76mm x 155mm x 350mm  
(3.0" x 6.1" x 13.8")  


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