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Hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedge

A hydraulic Flange Spreading Wedge actuated by 700bar (10,000psi) hydraulics.

The FSW17 flange spreading wedge can enter a flange joint access gap as small as 6mm (0.24”) and produce a maximum force of 326kN (32.6T) when used in pairs (as recommended) to push the mating faces of flanges apart.

The FSW17 can create a gap up to 81mm (3.19”) between flange faces with the stepped blocks fitted facilitating the replacement of gaskets, seal ring’s, or other flange face maintenance and testing.

  • 100% Load/Pressure tested and certified
  • High durability, High Quality, Low Maintenance design
  • Tool Weight: 7Kg (15.4lbs)
  • Max Spreading Force: 163kN (16.3T) (326kN (32.6T) when used in pairs)
  • Spreading Distance: 6mm (0.24") to 81mm (3.19") (when used with stepped blocks)
  • Robust Moulded Case for easy transportation and storage


Kit weight: Kit content:
12Kg (26.5lbs) 1 x FSW17 Tool
  1 x Safety Block
Kit dimensions: 1 x Safety Lanyard
580mm x 340mm x 180mm 2 x Stepped Blocks with Securing Screws and Allen Key
(22.8" x 13.4" x 7.1") 1 x Instruction Manual
  1 x Robust Moulded Carry Case
Tool weight:  
7Kg (15.4lbs)  
Tool dimensions:  
76mm x 155mm x 350mm  
(3.0" x 6.1" x 13.8")  


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FestecTools are high quality specialty products which are suited for multiple industries. The product program contains a diversity of flange tools and safety shields for flanges and valves which are sold all around the world since the company founding in 1985.

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