Festec Nut Splitter

Festec Nut Splitter

Festec® FNS Nut Splitters are a fast, sure and safe method to remove corroded, seized or damaged nuts without the need for hot cutting, chiselling or grinding.

The hydraulic Festec® FNS Nut Splitter is especially designed for repairs and maintenance in multiple industries where corroded, seized or damaged nuts need to be removed. Compact and ergonomic design enables easy handling and is also usable in small spaces. The conically shaped heavy duty cutting blade cuts fast and smoothly through several types of metal and can also be easily removed to enable replacement cutting blades to be fitted.

Festec® FNS Nut Splitter are safe to use and guarantees easy use and works time saving. For example the cylinder is spring return for a fast cylinder retraction. Also no thread damage will happen to bolts or studs. The tools will be standard delivered in a aluminium carry case with a spare cutting blade and some hex keys.

All Festec® FNS Nut Splitters have a maximum tool operating pressure of 10.000 psi (700 bar) and have a universal 3/8” hydraulic coupler and will therefore work with hydraulic pumps from certain other brands. The Festec® FNS Nut Splitters can be used for a nut range from 13mm/M6/½” till 175mm/M125/6⅞”.


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  • What is the best position to place the FestecĀ® FNS Nut Splitter on the nut?

    As the Festec® FNS Nut Splitters all have a unique inclined plane for the use on plane surfaces. Therefore the FNS Nut Splitter has to be placed over the nut and the outer flat surface of the Nut Splitter must rest against one of the nut flats. Position the blade in the middle of the nut flat and start applying pressure with the hydraulic pump.

  • On which nut sizes can the FestecĀ® FNS Nut Splitters be used?




    nut range

    Bolt range

    Nut range

    in inch


    (in tons)


    13 - 19 mm

    M6 - M12

    1/2“ - 3/4“



    19 - 24 mm

    M12 - M16

    3/4“ - 15/16“



    24 - 32 mm

    M16 - M22

    15/16“ - 1 1/4“



    32 - 41 mm

    M22 - M27

    1 1/4“ - 1 5/8“



    41 - 50 mm

    M27 - M33

    1 5/8“ - 2“



    50 - 60 mm

    M33 - M39

    2“ - 2 3/8“



    60 - 75 mm

    M39 - M48

    2 3/8“ - 2 5/16“



    75 - 90 mm

    M48 - M60

    2 15/16“ - 3 1/2“



    90 - 105 mm

    M60 - M72

    3 1/2“ - 4 1/4“



    105 - 145 mm

    M72 - M100

    4 1/4“ - 5 3/4“



    150 - 175 mm

    M100 - M125

    5 3/4“ - 6 7/8“


  • The nut cannot be removed after one cut. What should I do?

    If you cannot remove the nut after one cut, reposition the Festec® FNS Nut Splitter to the side opposite (180°) the split. After splitting the other side the nut can now be removed easily.

  • How much splitting can there be done with just 1 blade?

    When using the Festec® FNS Nut Splitters correctly, the blade can be re-used more than 100 times. Therefore always use the tool as explained in the user manual! Always apply a suitable cutting fluid or anti-seize paste. These products will help reduce blade wear and breakage, will ease the splitting operation and limit the risk of sparking and debris projectiles. When the high performance blade becomes blunt, it can be grinded again.

  • Are there any spare parts available?

    Of course there are! All the visible and internal parts can be delivered as a spare part. The spare parts list can be found in the user manual.


FestecTools are high quality specialty products which are suited for multiple industries. The product program contains a diversity of flange tools and safety shields for flanges and valves which are sold all around the world since the company founding in 1985.

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