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Festec Flush-Connector

Flushing, drying, ventilating, the Festec® Flush-Connector fits for all! It has multiple connections to a large range of flange-sizes, has multifunctional properties, can be re-used and is a extremely long lasting top-quality product.

When pipelines, towers, drums etc. have to be flushed, steamed, dried or ventilated one realises the large variety of flange-diameters involved. Numerous connections have to be fitted in order to be able to connect the required equipment to all the flanges of the system. Therefore Festec® offers the Flush-Connector. This universal device is available in 3 sizes and ranges for all flanges from ANSI 2” up to 20” and DIN 50 up to 500.

Each Festec® Flush-Connector is supplied with a connecting-set, which consists of 8 washers and a set of 4 stud-bolts, counter-nuts and special hook-nuts. Due to its smart construction, there is always a combination of the connecting-set possible, enabling to fix the flushing-head to a flange within its suitable range. The device will be delivered including a neoprene vulcanised steel ring in order to optimise the sealing of the equipment to the flange of the system to be cleaned, dried or ventilated. Depending on its size, the Festec® Flush-Connector is equipped with 1, 3 or 8 pieces of 2-1/2” BSP water-inlets. A 1/2” NPT side-inlet is fitted outside each water-inlet together with a brass adjustable venturi-ring to the inside. A 90° elbow and a 2-1/2” Storz coupler with cap can be ordered optionally.

The built-in venturi in each water-inlet results in a better mixing of the injected air, steam, detergent or a combination of those with the flushing medium and an improved whirl of this mixture. Thus witnessed inspections showed that the flush runs through the full bore of the pipeline like a wave, cleaning it over its full length. Field-tests, on a 20” pipeline with a length of 1.500 m, including 2 road-crossings and a 5 m high jump-over, proved that the required cleaning specifications were met perfectly after flushing with the Festec® Flush-Connector.

The Festec® Flush-Connector is easy to use, requires no large investments, is safe to handle and can be used for flushing with cold water, flushing with warm water due to steam injection, flushing with detergent in cold of warm water and flushing with air => drying / ventilating with air.

The safety improving Festec® Flush-Connector is developed in co-operation with maintenance engineers the field and is used successfully by a wide range of customers such as refineries, (petro-)chemical industries, off-shore industries, pipeline-operators etc. as well as their contractors.

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  • What is the best position to install the Festec® Flush-Connector?

    Normally the Festec® Flush-Connector is bolted onto a flange at one end of the pipeline, mostly by removing a valve in the pipeline.

  • When flushing with water and air, what is the optimum water- and air pressure?

    The specially designed water-inlets with side-inlet and built-in venturi finally enable to flush with the unique combination of water and air. The 2-1/2” BSP water-inlets are to be connected to the firewater-hydrants giving approx. 5 bar water-pressure, and the 1/2” NPT side-inlets to an air-compressor giving approx. 6 bar. The advantages are more powerful cleaning, increased flushing volume / minute, less water usage and less down-time.

  • Is the Festec® Flush-Connector suitable for cleaners/detergents?

    Yes it is! An other option is adding detergents or solvents to the flushing medium instead of air. Once a container with the additives is connected to the side-inlet of the water-inlet, the venturi vacuum-function mixes the additive(s) evenly with the flushing medium.

  • Is it possible to flush with warm water?

    Flushing with warm water can be done safely. No more dangerous situations caused by poor fittings, leaking or expanding warm water hoses. Once steam is injected though the side-inlets, its heats up the flushing water in a completely safe way.

  • When we want to dry the pipeline, is there a possibility to flush with air only?

    Once the pipeline has been flushed , it might have to be dried. Thus the water-supply has to be disconnected from the water-inlets and the Storz-caps left off. Due to the vacuum-function, the venturies in the equipment increase the volume of air replacement by the compressor by 15 times.

  • Can the Festec® Flush-Connector be used as an air-mover?

    Yes, the Festec® Flush-Connector can be used as an air-mover when working in poorly ventilated areas. Connecting a compressed air supply to the side-inlet and a vacuum-hose to the main-inlet, the venturi once more increases the volume of air-replacement by 15 times. Just make sure that the fresh air through the vacuum hose comes from a clean area!


FestecTools are high quality specialty products which are suited for multiple industries. The product program contains a diversity of flange tools and safety shields for flanges and valves which are sold all around the world since the company founding in 1985.

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