Where to use

 Festec Tools Oil

Oil & Gas

Upstream, midstream or downstream, FestecTools can be used for all (un-)scheduled maintenance and de-commissioning projects in the whole oil and gas industry.

Festec Other industries

Other industries

FestecTools are used for most of the flange maintenance works at chemical- and pharmaceutical industries, (nuclear) power-plants, paper– and steel-mills, food- and luxury industries and shipbuilding industry.

Festec safety

General Maintenance

SAFETY FIRST! During maintenance is safety a very important issue. Therefore all tools are designed to reduce risks and injuries and will also help creating a safer working environment.

FESTEC Flange Spreader

The FESTEC Flange Spreader replaces conventional methods and is a must for mechanical plant maintenance technicians. Where other flange spreading tools or methods might be too big, impractical or even cannot be used, the FESTEC Flange Spreader always fits in bolted flange joints.

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FESTEC Handy Hook

The FESTEC Handy Hook is a lifting device made of Fram Alloy steel and suitable for lifting horizontal heat-exchangers, floating heads, flat covers and pressure rings. It replaces conventional unsafe working methods and is a must for mechanical plant maintenance technicians for almost 35 years.

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FESTEC Flush-Connector

The FESTEC Flush-Connector can be used for flushing, steaming and drying pipelines, towers, drums, etc. The 3 different types are safe to handle, requires no large investments and fits to all flange-sizes in the range from 2”- 20” / DN 50 – 500.

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FESTEC Nut Splitter

The FESTEC Hydraulic Nut Splitter FNS range of tools has been developed to assist in the removal of corroded, seized or damaged nuts. A handy, compact and ergonomic construction, such as the fast spring return, guarantees easy use and time saving.

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FESTEC Safety Spray Shields

The FESTEC Safety Spray Shields are the best protection against hazardous spray-outs. The shields, which are made of stainless steel, have a special metal mesh netting inside the ring which absorbs any spray-out and distributes it around the flange circumference.

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FestecTools are high quality specialty products which are suited for multiple industries. The product program contains a diversity of flange tools and safety shields for flanges and valves which are sold all around the world since the company founding in 1985.

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