Festec Handy Hook

Festec Handy Hook

Safely lifting floating heads, flat covers or pressure rings? Let's do it with the Festec® Handy Hook! Less damages, controlled lifting, precise mounting, increased safety. The best job is a safe job!

In short, the Festec® Handy Hook replaces conventional unsafe working methods and is a must for mechanical plant maintenance technicians for almost 35 years. It is a compact and practical lifting device made of Fram Alloy steel. It consists of a hoisting shackle fixed with a hinge bolt on a bridge with two hinged bent lifting arms. A lifting pin and a chain with a cotter pin are fitted on each arm.

During maintenance and cleaning jobs on horizontal heat-exchangers floating heads, flat covers and pressure rings have to be lifted frequently. However, in most of the cases there is no hoisting ring fixed on those parts, nor can be mounted.

In common practice therefore 2 stud-bolts are placed into bolt-holes and the part is lifted with a sling, lowered on the ground or mounted on the heat-exchanger. This most dangerous working method frequently leads to near misses, accidents or severe injuries, due to damaged lifting slings caused by incorrect use or   stud-bolts sliding out of the bolt-holes. Furthermore this method often results in damaged packing faces, damaged packing items, leakage after plant start-up, due to mounting damaged parts and loss of time, money and production.

The safety improving Festec® Handy Hook has been developed in co-operation with maintenance engineers in the field to avoid these unsafe methods. Each Festec® Handy Hook is tested individually on twice the safe working load and will be delivered including a lifting certificate. The tool is easy to use, requires no large investments, is safe to handle and enables top-quality maintenance jobs.

The Festec® Handy Hook is used successfully by a wide range of customers such as refineries, (petro-)chemical industries, (nuclear) powerplants, off-shore industry etc. as well as their contractors.

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  • How to use the Festec® Handy Hook?

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    Festec Handy Hook

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    Festec Handy Hook

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    Festec Handy Hook


  • Which type of Festec® Handy Hook do I need?

    In order to determine the right choice, you must know which pin length is required in addition to the bolt hole diameter and weight. To calculate the required pin length you can use the following formula: Required pin length = length of the bolt hole + 10 mm or the thickness of the flange + 10 mm.

  • Are there “next to the standard types” also any other types available?

    Yes there are! Despite the normal types can cover more than 95% of all applications, we have also made different special Handy Hooks for our customers. For example a Handy Hook with 1 arm or a Handy Hook with a longer or shorter pin length. Also the thickness of the pin can be changed. If possible, these Handy Hooks can be made in cooperation with the factory as a customer special product. Please contact us when you have a special application via our contact information which you can find in the above menu.

  • Will the Festec® Handy Hook be delivered with a hoisting certificate?

    All Festec® Handy Hooks are build according to NEN-EN 13155 and are tested at twice the S.W.L. Therefore the Festec® Handy Hook will be delivered including a official CE hoisting certificate and a user manual.


FestecTools are high quality specialty products which are suited for multiple industries. The product program contains a diversity of flange tools and safety shields for flanges and valves which are sold all around the world since the company founding in 1985.

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